Our mission

The mission of the Summer Business Academy is to provide ambitious, business-oriented high school students with a basic knowledge of the entrepreneurial process. With access to world-class facilities and experienced professionals at Harvard University, students will gain unprecedented access into the collegiate entrepreneurial community. We hope to inspire passion for innovation alongside a team-oriented mentality, so as to best prepare the business leaders of the future. Simply put, we hope to make entrepreneurship increasingly accessible for those who want to make a change in the world around them.  


A summer weeklong intensive designed to teach high school students the essentials of business and leadership and the pathway to entrepreneurship in the environment of a collegiate campus.

With a comprehensive curriculum concentrated in five days, SBA will give students the knowledge, guidance and resources they need to understand the workings of business as well as create a business of their own, building up to a business pitch competition at the end of the week.


Our curriculum, designed by elite Harvard students in the field of business, is geared to teach high school students the fundamentals of business, leadership and entrepreneurship as well as give exposure to college life. Topics covered include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Leadership Skills
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • The Language of Business
  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Idea Generation
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies 
  • Resume-building
  • Business and College Interviews
  • Successful Team Work
  • College Admissions


Harvard Student Agencies, Inc. (HSA) is the largest student-run company in the world, employing more than 500 undergraduates annually. Founded in 1957, HSA is a multimillion dollar nonprofit that provides Harvard students with meaningful opportunities for employment and hands-on business education. Student managers lead all aspects of the operations and strategy behind HSA's 14 businesses, which range from publishing to tutoring to bartending, including Let's Go (the leader in student travel), HSA Cleaners (a laundry and dry-cleaning service), and The Harvard Shop (a storefront and web retail business). 

Harvard Student Agencies, Inc., is not a part of Harvard University - it is a separate student-run organization affiliated with Harvard University.


Our team encompasses all aspects of business development and execution. Two Harvard undergraduate managers directly oversee all aspects of the SBA, and our panel of advisers includes executives at the Harvard Innovation Lab and corporate members of Harvard Student Agencies. We bring the right skill set to get the job done.

James swingos '20 - Summer business academy director

James has lived his entire life in Cleveland, Ohio competing as a debater and playing soccer. Now, he is a sophomore in the college interested in Applied Math, Computer Science, and Economics. When he’s not working on his program, the Business Academy, and other HSA related work, he can be found working in Lamont, competing with the college’s parliamentary debate team, or doing work for the Financial Analysts Club. James has a weird schedule where he spends his free time taking short naps during the day and hanging out with his friends throughout the night. When with his friends, he loves to listen to music and take trips off of campus to find new and exciting things to do.


rameen headshot.jpg

Rameen Rana '20 - HSA Tutoring Managing Director

Hailing from Boston- a true Bostonian, not some wannabe suburban miscreant- Rameen is a freshman in Pennypacker, potentially concentrating in the History of Science with a focus on Mind, Brain, and Behavior with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. Outside of HSA, Rameen is involved with the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations, the Harvard South Asian Association and the Harvard Pakistan Forum. In her spare time, she can be found playing volleyball, talking a mile a minute in an annoyingly hyper manner, watching “The Office” reruns and gulping down Pinkberry in record times.

Angelina Massa '18 - HSA president

Angelina grew up in Westchester, New York and graduated from Bronxville High School in 2014. She is a sophomore in Quincy House concentrating in Applied Math with a focus in Statistics. She worked as a tutor for HSA before becoming one of the managers. Outside of the office, Angelina performs with the Harvard Ballet Company, peer advises freshmen, and serves as a supervisor at the Y2Y Homeless Shelter. She loves sushi, SoulCycle, and spending time with her 2-year-old nephew.

ALI DASTJERDI '19 -hsa Vice president

Ali is a sophomore originally from Kansas. He is potentially concentrating in statistics with a secondary in computer science. Beyond HSA, Ali is a member of the Harvard Debate Council and the Leadership Institute at Harvard College as well as a staff writer for the Harvard Political Review. Outside of school and work, he loves to curl up with a good book or cook a new dish.

kelley babphavong '20 -hsa tutoring marketing and outreach manager

Kelley is a freshman hailing from little Rhode Island who plans on studying Government and Economics. She's usually talking your ear off as a former policy debater. She can typically be found at the Institute of Politics on campus or on the road to judge high school policy debate tournaments. Aside from working in HSA, Kelley is  the President of the Thomas Stearns Eliot Lecture Series for John Adams Society, the Editor-in-Chief for Network of Enlightened Women, an AD for Harvard National Model United Nations, and the VP of Membership and Outreach for Harvard Right to Life. She is also a member of the Campaigns and Advocacy program, College Republicans, and Harvard Political Union. When not in extracurriculars or doing work, she's usually found eating sushi or getting a drink at Flour!