The agenda

Hour 1: Intros/project outline

Hour 2: Market research

Hour 3: customer research

Hour 4: planning your business

Hour 5: group work

Hour 6: elevator pitch 

Hour 7: group work

Hour 8: pitch your ideas!

Weekend Business Academy

The Summer Business Academy is coming to your cities year-round in a condensed version as the Weekend Business Academy. The Weekend Business Academy is an 8-hour curriculum that is taught by current Harvard students over two days to groups of students anywhere in the country. The Weekend Business Academy is a weekend full of workshopping that teaches students how to pitch their business ideas, perform market research, and generate investment, acting as an excellent preparation mechanism for applying to and participating in the regular SBA program. Please fill out the contact form to bring this opportunity to your town!


Summer Business Academy Partnership

This extra opportunity provides educators with paramount flexibility to access the SBA curriculum and its instructors. We have provided partnerships for a wide range of group sizes, modifying the SBA curriculum accordingly to accommodate any group's specific interests. The Summer Business Academy is able to travel across the country for these events and even internationally. Most importantly, the partnership system does not require an application process for its partners or its partner's students, providing an opportunity for more students to access Harvard students and SBA curriculum.


Summer Coding Academy

The Summer Coding Academy is a week-long course designed to teach high school students the fundamentals of coding in the environment of a collegiate campus. With a comprehensive curriculum concentrated in five days, SCA will give students the knowledge, guidance, and resources they need to understand the basic functions of a code as well as designing and creating their own programs. 


Summer Politics Academy

Summer Politics Academy @ Harvard is an intensive five-day summer program for high school students interested in politics and government. Summer Politics Academy  brings extraordinary high school students together at Harvard University for an intensive introduction to politics. Ranging from how political campaigns are run to making policy decisions, SPA covers a wide array of topics in politics and government. SPA is taught entirely by Harvard students and renowned speakers who have been specially selected for SPA. SPA will provide students with a hands-on experience through workshops and a weeklong project that culminates in the final SPA Summit. SPA strives to provide the leaders of the future with the skills necessary to pursue their goals.